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WATCH: Most incredible display of teamwork as frantic elephants save calf from drowning

THIS is the heartwarming moment two elephants save a drowning calf after it fell into a pond. The adult and baby elephant had been dipping their trunks in the water when the youngster slipped and fell into a large pool in their enclosure. The baby at Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, can be seen in distress as it fails to keep its trunk out of the water, while the adult looks on in a panic. Luckily a second elephant came rushing to its rescue after hearing the commotion.

Who is Milo Yiannopoulos? What are his most controversial views?

MILO Yiannopoulos is an alt-right poster boy who thrives on controversy and has even been accused of condoning paedophilia. But who is he? Mr Yiannopoulos is under fire after the emergence of footage in which he appears to condone sexual relations with boys as young as 13.  The alt-right provocateur has denied that he has ever condoned child sex abuse and blamed “British sarcasm” and “deceptive editing” for the misunderstanding.
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